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In a world that often values exclusivity, E.P. Carrillo strives to stand as a beacon of luxury within reach and excellence in the cigar industry. For over 15 years, our brand has not only set the bar for quality and innovation but has also extended a welcoming hand to every cigar enthusiast, irrespective of their journey. We’re more than a brand; we’re a community that cherishes the values of approachability, familiarity, and invigoration.

We’re Approachable

Approachability is at the core of E.P. Carrillo's ethos. Whether you're lighting up your first cigar or your thousandth, our range has something that will meet you where you are. Our family is connected in every vein of the business, from the blending, to the factory operations, all the way to staying directly connected with our retailers and consumers. We believe staying connected, both in person and virtually through our shared sessions is the only way for us to understand what it is you want, so we can continue to deliver for you.

Both now, and what you’d like to see in the future. We strive to create an environment where every draw feels like a homecoming - warm, familiar, and exceptionally satisfying. That’s why we create projects like the Platinum Bash & Escapade, where you get to actually choose our blends. Our cigars are designed to be your companions in moments of solitude, celebration, and everything in between.

Familiarity Interwoven with Excellence

Our commitment to familiarity goes beyond mere comfort; it's about a deep-seated respect for tradition and excellence. We have the distinct honor of having a legacy to uphold through the Perez-Carrillo family, and the understanding that times are always changing. The tobaccos used in E.P. Carrillo cigars are not just leaves; they're part of our DNA. It is something that has supported our family for generations and will for generations to come. But not just our family, but the rollers, blenders, sales team, and the farmers who grow the very tobacco we use. With that comes the responsibility to offer an experience that spans generations of cigar smokers. Those who have tracked Ernesto’s past and acceptance to the Cigar Aficionado Hall of Fame, to the first time smokers who have not yet heard of us. When you hold an E.P. Carrillo cigar, you're not just holding a cigar; you're holding a piece of our history, meticulously blended to offer a familiar yet unique experience, blended for the future generations of cigar smokers.

Invigorating Every Sense

The essence of E.P. Carrillo is encapsulated in our ability to invigorate. When you smoke an E.P. Carrillo, you’ll feel it. Each blend is crafted not just to satisfy but to awaken your palate. It is what we call “complexity,” where we are able to not only deliver flavor, but the sensation of being alive on your palate, followed by the calming sensation when you interact with the smoke of a cigar. It's an experience that excites and enlivens, encouraging a journey of discovery with each smoke. Our cigars are a sensory adventure, from the first hint of aroma to the lingering aftertaste, designed to tantalize and intrigue. No matter the mildest or most intense, one thing someone would not say about E.P. Carrillo is boring.

The Essence of Innovation: The New Essence Line

As we continue our journey of innovation, we are proud to introduce our latest venture, the Essence line. Launching first in late May with the exquisite Sumatra blend, this new line is a reflection of everything E.P. Carrillo stands for. It is a sign of the times and fills a niche that presents itself in this day and time. It's a line that's set to redefine the very essence of cigar smoking, offering a range of blends and flavors that resonates with all, regardless of their cigar journey. This line will become the house blend for E.P. Carrillo - the one that encapsulates everything we are and everything we seek to achieve. It is about delivering more than a cigar smoker pays for, and even more than they would expect. Approachable, familiar, and invigorating, the Essence line is not just a collection of cigars; it's the culmination of our dedication to excellence in the art of cigar making. It is the continuation of our legacy.


At E.P. Carrillo, we don't just create cigars; we create experiences that are accessible, memorable, and exciting. Our journey over the past 15 years has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, inclusivity, and innovation. As we look to the future with our Essence line, we invite you to join us in this beautiful, ongoing journey of cigar craftsmanship. Here at E.P. Carrillo, we meet you where you are, and we invite you to awaken your senses with us.