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In the world of cigars, tradition often dictates the norms, but E.P. Carrillo dared to challenge the status quo with the groundbreaking INCH cigar series. This bold move, inspired by the mantra ‘go big or go home,’ not only demonstrated Ernesto Perez-Carrillo’s mastery in blending but also solidified our position as true innovators in the cigar industry.

Crafting Complexity in Large Ring Gauges

One of the most remarkable aspects of the INCH series is how Ernesto managed to infuse complexity and balanced flavor into such large cigars. The challenge with larger ring gauges is maintaining a harmonious blend of flavors. It requires a deeper understanding of tobaccos and how they interact when given more space within a cigar. Ernesto's expertise allowed him to navigate this challenge brilliantly, creating cigars that offer a robust yet nuanced smoking experience.

The Pioneer of Premium Large Ring Gauge Cigars

Ernesto's pioneering spirit in the realm of large ring gauge cigars has been a game-changer. By venturing into this uncharted territory, he opened up a new world of possibilities for cigar enthusiasts. The INCH series is not just about size; it's about making a statement and offering something genuinely different to the market.

Innovation Meets Tradition

The introduction of the INCH series by E.P. Carrillo is a testament to our commitment to innovation while respecting the rich traditions of cigar making. This series has not only won accolades but has also attracted a new segment of cigar aficionados who appreciate the unique qualities these larger cigars offer.

A Legacy of Breaking Boundaries

Ernesto's journey with the INCH series embodies his philosophy of pushing boundaries and constantly evolving. His willingness to experiment and take risks has been instrumental in keeping E.P. Carrillo at the forefront of the cigar industry. The INCH series is more than just a collection of cigars; it's a symbol of our adventurous spirit and dedication to excellence.

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Join Us in Celebrating Bold Innovation

As we continue to celebrate our 15th anniversary, we invite you to experience the INCH series – a line of cigars that not only defy convention but also elevate the cigar smoking experience. These cigars are a testament to Ernesto's vision and our commitment to bringing innovative products to our discerning customers.