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When Ernesto stepped into the leadership role at his family’s factory over 50 years ago, he understood that to stand out in the crowded Miami cigar scene, he had to source truly exceptional tobacco. This choice lies at the heart of our mission at E.P. Carrillo, where we’re always in search of the finest tobacco to make our cigars distinguished.

A Quest for Excellence in Tobacco Selection

In the vibrant Miami cigar scene, standing out requires not just skill but also the discernment to source exceptional tobacco. When Ernesto Perez-Carrillo took on a leading role in his family's factory, he was motivated by the belief that the selection of tobacco is central to what sets E.P. Carrillo apart. This belief still guides us: the quest for the finest tobacco is essential to creating cigars that are not merely good, but extraordinary.

Our search for that exceptional tobacco became intertwined with the history of Oliva Tobacco Company, marking a pivotal encounter that reshaped our path. Ernesto shares this transformative experience:

"I knew we needed something different to stand out. We had already been sourcing some tobaccos from Oliva Tobacco Company in Tampa, especially the Sumatra wrapper, a favorite of my father's. But for me, it was more about how we used what we had. My inspiration came from two cigars—the Cuban Davidoff of 1982 and the Hoyo de Monterrey. The former offered a full-bodied experience that was distinct and captivating, while the latter possessed a robust and commanding strength. This inspired me to blend a cigar that could combine the sensation of a Davidoff with the strength of a Hoyo de Monterrey."

This ambition took Ernesto and his father in the 1970s on a significant journey from Miami to Tampa, a five-hour drive that marked the beginning of something groundbreaking. At Oliva's facility, they focused on the Sumatra wrapper, which Ernesto describes as "one of my all-time favorite wrappers."

"I told my father we had to use this wrapper in a unique way. If others were achieving remarkable results with it, we needed to delve deeper into its potential. So, we began experimenting with the tobacco we had, aiming to create a cigar that captured both the sensation and the strength I had admired in those influential cigars."

This quest was more than a technical endeavor; it was a journey fueled by passion and creativity. Ernesto's vision and determination to innovate laid the groundwork for what E.P. Carrillo represents today—a brand that transcends the act of making cigars to push the boundaries of what a cigar can embody. "Our partnership with Oliva Tobacco Company became a cornerstone of this journey, enabling us to source and utilize tobaccos that not only meet but surpass the expectations of cigar aficionados worldwide. Experimenting with the tobacco we had, aiming to create a cigar that captured both the sensation and the strength I had admired in those influential cigars."


Access to the Best Tobaccos

Collaborating with renowned tobacco companies has been crucial in gaining access to some of the world's finest tobaccos. These farms have included over the years: Plasencia, Oliva, Edelman & Son, and Andres Lopez, which are all celebrated for their deep expertise in cultivating and processing tobacco. They offer us a diverse range of superior quality options such as Corojo 99, La Canela, Ecuador Sumatra, and Criollo 98 Esteli. This privileged access enables us to continuously innovate and excel, significantly enhancing the caliber of our cigars.


Shared Expertise and Innovation

Collaboration merges diverse perspectives and expertise. By working with leading industry partners, we benefit from their vast knowledge and experience. This synergy drives innovation, allowing us to explore new blends and techniques that would otherwise be out of reach.


Strengthening Industry Relationships

Our partnerships are steps toward fostering a more unified and cooperative cigar industry. These collaborations not only enhance our brands but also contribute to the industry's overall growth, creating opportunities for learning and development that benefit everyone involved.

Investing in Our Tobacco

Ever wondered what goes into making an E.P. Carrillo cigar? We're taking you behind the curtains for a sneak peek into our world. This part of the series will showcase the meticulous process of crafting a cigar, from selecting the finest tobaccos to the skilled hands that roll them into the masterpieces you savor. It's a journey of sensory awakening, where tradition meets innovation.

Expanding Our Tobacco Horizons: Owning our warehouses allows us the flexibility and capacity to procure a wider variety of interesting tobaccos from around the globe. Being able to buy in bulk and store larger quantities lets us be selective, choosing only the best leaves that meet our strict standards. This opens a world of possibilities for experimenting with different types and blends of tobacco, enabling us to craft unique and innovative cigars.

Guaranteeing Quality in Every Leaf: Our ability to process and ferment tobacco in-house means we can monitor and ensure the quality of every leaf that goes into our cigars. This oversight guarantees that only the best.