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The legacy of the family is a pivotal narrative that demonstrates the impact of this brand. This article highlights not only Ernesto’s passion as a blender but also the dedication of the “kids” who chose to leave their professional careers to fully commit to the future of the family business. This move, which commands respect and admiration, is unfortunately not widely recognized. When Escapade discusses the concept of “taking the leap,” this story perfectly exemplifies how the owners embody their brand’s ethos.

Closer Look: Deciphering the Symbolism of Our Flagship Series

The E.P. Carrillo brand, celebrated for its exceptional cigar blends such as the Pledge, La Historia, and Encore, showcases not just a mastery of cigar craftsmanship but also a profound homage to its rich heritage through the art adorning its Perez-Carrillo series. This artwork transcends mere decoration; it narrates a story, guiding us through a legacy steeped in time.

Central to this visual narrative is the artwork's left side, which presents a poignant portrayal of the family's matriarch amidst the rural landscapes of Pinar del Rio, Cuba. This setting marks the genesis of the Carrillo legacy in tobacco cultivation and cigar production. It pays homage to the origins, to the interplay of soil and sunlight, and to the hands that nurtured the tobacco—a testament to the tradition at the core of the E.P. Carrillo ethos.

In contrast, on the artwork's right side, we see Lisette Perez-Carrillo, symbolizing the family’s resilient migration and resettlement in Miami, a journey shared by many Cuban immigrants throughout the 20th century. This transition is not merely geographical but stands as a testament to adaptability and progress. Miami's vibrant and dynamic essence reflects the evolution of the Carrillo family and their enterprise, signifying a shift from their Cuban roots to a broader, more diverse international presence.

An intriguing aspect of the artwork is the depiction of a small dragon, representing the future and the unknown. This element invites curiosity and anticipation for the E.P. Carrillo brand's future directions. It symbolizes innovation and the embrace of change while paying homage to the past.

Each blend in the Perez-Carrillo series—the Pledge, La Historia, Allegiance and Encore—has received significant acclaim and awards, underscoring the brand's commitment to excellence. These honors not only elevate the brand's reputation in the cigar industry but also reflect the rich narrative embodied in the artwork. The Pledge, in particular, has captivated both aficionados and critics alike.

The confluence of past, present, and future, masterfully depicted in the Perez-Carrillo series, epitomizes the E.P. Carrillo brand's philosophy: acknowledging our roots while recognizing that our current endeavors are an extension and evolution of our family's legacy. Every cigar from this series is more than just a product; it's a narrative, a piece of history, and a pledge of ongoing excellence.