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In an enlightening conversation with Ernesto Perez-Carrillo, a striking parallel was drawn between the worlds of music and cigar making. Just as melodies harmonize in a symphony, the elements of cigar crafting come together to create an experience that transcends the ordinary. In this article, we explore why music and cigars are a perfect match, complemented by Ernesto’s own Spotify playlist, designed to enhance the cigar-smoking experience.

The Ensemble of Cigar Making: A Musical Symphony

Music and cigars share a fundamental essence – the art of blending. In music, notes are carefully arranged to create harmony, much like the meticulous selection of tobaccos to produce a well-balanced cigar. Ernesto, a musician at heart, sees a clear parallel in these processes.

Ernesto’s Rhythmic Journey

The Master Blender: The Conductor

Just as a conductor leads an orchestra, the Master Blender orchestrates the cigar creation process. They choose the right tobaccos, decide their proportions, and determine how they should be cured and aged. This role is akin to a conductor selecting pieces, arranging scores, and guiding musicians to ensure a harmonious performance.

Ernesto’s Rhythmic Journey

The Growers: The Composers

Growers are the composers of the cigar world. They cultivate and nurture the tobacco, creating the raw material that forms the basis of every cigar, much like composers create the music that underpins any performance.

Ernesto’s Rhythmic Journey

The Rollers: The Musicians

Cigar rollers are the musicians. Their skilled hands craft the cigars, bringing the vision of the Master Blender to life, just as musicians interpret and perform a composer's work. Their expertise and touch are crucial to the final product.

Ernesto’s Rhythmic Journey

The Quality Control Experts: The Sound Engineers

In cigar making, quality control experts ensure each cigar meets the highest standards, similar to how sound engineers fine-tune a performance or recording to achieve the perfect sound.

Ernesto’s Playlist

Setting the Mood for Cigar Enjoyment

To elevate this experience, Ernesto has curated a Apple Music playlist that pairs beautifully with cigar smoking. This selection of music reflects the moods and notes of the cigars Ernesto would choose, offering a sensory journey that complements the smoking experience. The playlist is not just background music; it's an integral part of the moment, enhancing the flavors and aromas of the cigar.

Listen To Playlist Now

The Shared Experience of Creation and Enjoyment

This parallel between music and cigars extends beyond creation to enjoyment. Listening to music while smoking a cigar can amplify the experience, with the rhythm and melodies accentuating the flavors and complexities of the cigar. It's a multisensory experience, where each element enhances the other.

Ernesto’s understanding of music and cigars as complementary art forms offers a unique perspective on the enjoyment of both. As you listen to his playlist and light up a cigar, you’re invited into a world where craftsmanship, artistry, and passion blend seamlessly.

As part of our 15th Anniversary Series, we encourage you to explore this harmonious blend of music and cigars. Tune into Ernesto's Spotify playlist, light up your favorite E.P. Carrillo cigar, and immerse yourself in an experience that’s both timeless and transcendent.

Welcome to the symphony of E.P. Carrillo, where every cigar is a note in our grand musical masterpiece.