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One of the joys of cigar smoking is being able to take your time to enjoy everything the cigar has to offer. While this is the ideal situation, it isn’t always feasible. There are many reasons that small cigars are enjoyable, but saving time is a definite draw.  

This can be particularly helpful if you are in a rush, or you are smoking somewhere particularly cold. If it’s icier outside than you’d like, a small smoke can still allow you to enjoy the experience without freezing.  

Small cigars can also be called thin or little. The smaller the size, the less time it takes to smoke. However, you can still savor a flavorful experience if you are choosing the best small cigars on the market. Their smaller size and timing can also make them some of the best cigars for beginners 


Types of Small Cigars 

There is a plethora of cigar shapes and sizes to choose from, but there are a few cigar sizes known to be on the smaller side. The ring size and the length of the cigar help determine if it can be categorized as small or large. Both small and short cigars can still offer flavor-packed experiences for cigar smokers.  

One commonly known small cigar is the Corona. These cigars usually have ring sizes of 42 to 44 and are 5.25 to 6 inches long. There is also a branch of this cigar size called Petit Corona, which is even smaller in size.  

Another cigar that can come in a small size is the Torpedo. These can also come in larger sizes, but in both cases, they have a tapered head and a straight body. This shape is typically categorized as a small and thin cigar.  

Some small cigars are called Cigarillos. These are much smaller than the average cigar but do not fall into the same category as cigarettes. These are known as miniature cigars and can still hold a wide range of impactful flavors. These are not as high of quality as the cigars offered from E.P. Carrillo. All these options can be good cigars for beginners. 


How to Smoke Small Cigars 

Smoking a small cigar is just like how you would smoke any other cigar, but there are a few notable differences. You’ll want to use a cigar lighter or match. Since they are smaller, you want to make sure that you don’t burn them too quickly or the experience will be over before you know it. Lighting it up too quickly can also negatively sway the taste of the cigar. 

It’s important to note that although it may be tempting, you should not inhale the smoke. Cigar smoke is not meant to be inhaled. Instead, lightly puff the cigar once it’s lit and relish in the complex flavor journey ahead. If you are just learning how to smoke a cigar, this can be a smart starting point for beginners.  

Best Small Cigars 

Out of all the small types of cigars, there are a couple of premium ones that easily make the top of the list. The best cigars to smoke are always handmade, free from the influence of machines. This can be quite common amongst other cigar companies, but never at E.P. Carrillo.  

The most notable small cigars are the Interlude Maduro and Interlude Natural both available in Carrillito and Rothschild Jr. Form factors. 

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Interlude Maduro - Rothchild Jr.

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Interlude Natural - Carrillito


Both collections offer two different sized cigars to choose from. The Carrillito is a smidge larger with a ring gauge of 38 and a length of 4 inches. The Rothschild Jr. has a thicker ring gauge of 48 but is 3.75 inches long. This is the shortest type of cigar that Ernesto has ever made.  

The Interlude Maduro cigars are made in the Dominican Republic. The wrapper is filled with tobacco grown in the Mexican San Andres, the binder is from Ecuador, and the filler is from Nicaragua. The Interlude Natural cigars are also made in the Dominican Republic. The tobacco found in the wrapper is from Ecuadorian Connecticut and both the binder and filler are from Nicaragua.  

In both collections, you can expect five flavorful cigars waiting to be enjoyed. The critics agree—they are well received by Cigar Aficionado and Cigar Insider. Our affordable costs also make them some of the best cigars for the price. We recommend trying out both and seeing which one you like best.