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Are you following cigar etiquette when you smoke? Whether you’re a novice or you’ve been enjoying cigars for years, this cigar etiquette guide is for you!

Holding a Cigar

One of the most common questions that new cigar users have is “how do I hold a cigar properly?” No worries: there isn’t a specific proper cigar etiquette for how to hold a cigar. It’s mostly personal preference. However, one thing you should keep in mind is to hold the cigar so that it won’t drop any ashes onto you or your clothing.

One common choice is to hold the cigar between your first and middle fingers. Alternatively, many cigar users who favor tradition will hold the cigar with their first three fingers and thumb. Either hand is acceptable, although some users tend to favor the hand that they write with, while others find it easier to use the opposite hand.

Removing the Ash

Cigar ashes tend to cause a lot of questions for cigar users. If you’re new to smoking cigars or are looking to learn the proper etiquette, you may have two common questions.

When choosing what method you’ll use to remove ash, it’s best that you choose a way that won’t ruin the end of the cigar. You might choose to tap it softly on the ashtray or roll the ashes off the cigar. Most importantly, you don’t want to flick your cigar in the same way you would a cigarette, or you can damage the cigar.

Generally, you’ll want to tap off your cigar ashes when it gets to be about an inch long. Some may choose to let the ash build further, but any longer than that and you’ll start to lose cigar flavor.

How to Put Out a Cigar

For novice cigar smokers, learning how to properly put out a cigar is important. Cigars are carefully made and involve a long process. Many people are involved in creating your cigar, even if you’re smoking a cheaper option. Therefore, you should always respect your cigar when you’re smoking it and especially when you’re putting it out.

You may want to smash the end of the cigar to put it out. This can seem like a quick and easy way to put out the cigar. However, this way can permanently damage the cigar. Instead, you should lay the cigar in the ashtray and let it go out on its own.

What Should I Call My Cigar?

In Spanish-speaking countries, the word puro is often used in place of a cigar. However, there is a notable difference between a puro and a cigar. Puros are cigars that are made of pure tobacco from one specific country. There can be Nicaraguan puros, for example. Cigars are made from a mixture of tobacco from different areas.

If you know your cigar is made of tobacco from one specific place, you may want to call it a puro. On the other hand, if your cigar is made of tobacco from multiple places, you’ll want to stick with the word cigar.

Sharing Cigars: Yes or No?

Choosing whether or not to share your cigars is a personal preference, especially with the COVID-19 virus. Many choose not to share their cigars anymore in order to follow COVID-19 health guidelines. If you do choose to let others share your cigar with you, you need to follow a few guidelines.

First, you should cut off the tip of your cigar so that others aren’t smoking from the same spot as you. This will help keep your cigar germ-free. Additionally, you typically should only be sharing your cigar so that others can taste it. Cigars are meant to be a personal experience, and sharing the entire cigar with others can take away from that experience.

Cigar Lounge Etiquette

Going to a cigar lounge creates an entirely different smoking experience than if you’re smoking a cigar at home. Every part of a cigar lounge is carefully crafted for your enjoyment, including the furniture and cigars that are sold.

Following proper cigar lounge etiquette will help you achieve this experience. This means that you should not bring in a cigar that you purchased from somewhere else. In order to have the best experience possible, you should always purchase a cigar from the cigar lounge itself.

How to Cut a Cigar

If you’re new to smoking cigars, you probably are wondering how you should be cutting your cigar before you use it. There are multiple different ways that you can choose to cut your cigar, but the most straightforward way for novice cigar users is with a triple cap.

When using a triple cap, you should cut just below the third line. This will give you a straight cut and help you enjoy the most tobacco flavor.

How to Smoke a Cigar

Smoking a cigar tends to be a personal preference, although there are specific ways that will help you get the most flavor. Some cigar smokers choose to puff smoke out through their cigars. This method may seem the easiest to some people, but it loses out on quite a bit of flavor.

Instead, breathe the cigar smoke all the way in. When you do this, you taste your cigar more. Drawing the cigar smoke into your lungs gives it a whole other flavor that you wouldn’t taste by puffing the smoke out of your cigar.

Have the Best Experience with Proper Etiquette!

When you follow proper cigar smoking etiquette, you’ll find that your cigar lasts longer, tastes better, and is more enjoyable. This cigar etiquette guide will help you have the best experience possible when you enjoy your cigar.