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At E.P. Carrillo, we know that buying that right cigar can be an intimidating process. We are here to walk you through the tips and tricks of the trade. From knowing where to shop for cigars and what cigars to buy, we have it all laid out for you. Discover the best cigars of 2021 and where to find them here.  


Where Can I Buy Cigars? 


Many of us are introduced to cigar smoking by a family member or a friend. I was introduced to smoking cigars by my father and I remember our first experience vividly. He showed me the art of cigar smoking and the lifestyle that comes with in. If you can’t take advantage of family ties, there are a few things that qualify whether a cigar shop is good and what to avoid.   

After traveling to cigar shops all around the world, it is clear they come in many different forms with their own unique character. The décor, ambiance, and people who work there can make or break a shop.  

Things to Look for in A Cigar Shop 


There are 4 key traits that can make a cigar shop stand out: 

  • Shoppable: You should be able to explore the shop easily. The humidor for cigars should be placed well so you can walk around easily without feeling like you’re in an obstacle course. You should be able to see and touch the product easily. At times, cigar shop owners clutter the product options which can leave consumers feeling confused. You want every item to be clearly seen. 
  • Clean: You don’t want to feel like a cleaning team hasn’t visited the shop in a decade. Ashtrays and trashcans are the first place to look to examine cleanliness. The floors should be visibly mopped and vacuumed. When things are clean, you can get a better idea of how the owner values the product they are selling. Lastly, you want to ensure that there is no dust on the cigars themselves.  
  • Organized: Sometimes looks can be deceiving and first impressions can be misleading. Organization can be done is many ways, depending on the shop’s system. Some people find the clutter of old-fashioned cigar shops charming, so it depends on your preference. If you ask for a product and the worker can get it easily, they probably have a good system.  
  • Attentive: An attentive and courteous staff is crucial. Whether you’re an aficionado or a beginner, they should be kind and assist your questions. They should also be friendly and acknowledge when you enter the store. You want your needs to be properly addressed so you spend your money on the best cigars.  

Beyond these four traits, and having good cigars, there are a few additional characteristics that can make a cigar shop exceptional. It’s always helpful when the staff has a willingness to educate consumers, especially newbies. Even a seasoned aficionado can always learn more. It can also be comforting to know that the owner understands the cigar afficionado lifestyle. They should have a variety of high-quality accessories that add to the cigar smoking experience. 

The quality of their humidor humidifier can say a lot about the space too. It should not feel hot inside the store, nor should it have a musty scent—these are red flags. The magic numbers are 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 70% humidity. The humidor should feel like a cool summer night, not high noon at the beach.  

Lastly, the shop’s character says it all. You should be able to pick up on a specific feeling when you walk into the cigar shop. Each cigar shop has a story and learning the story is one of the appeals of the cigar smoking lifestyle. To start the process, you can always research where to buy cigars near me and the best places to buy cigars online.  


What Cigar Should I Buy? 


Now that you know where to buy cigars, we must shift our attention to some of the best rated cigars. Take a look at our hand-picked collection of 2021’s best cigars to buy.  


La Historia E-III  

In the Perez-Carrillo family, our story originates with the women that have inspired the Master himself. La Historia E-III is a very rich and complex cigar with notes of cocoa and hints of coffee. This aromatic cigar has a strong finish that leaves a touch of sweetness on the palate. The full-flavor profile keeps the smoker lingering on every puff. Everyone has a story stemming from familial inspiration—this cigar is a story we would love to share with you. 


Encore Majestic  

We each have an encore in us and rise to that challenge when requested, just like the master Ernesto Perez-Carrillo. The Encore Majestic is a very elegant and complex cigar. This well-balanced and aromatic cigar has sweet notes of earth and spice. The smooth profile leaves the smoker with a long-lasting, alluring finish. 


Pledge Prequel 

Ernesto Perez-Carrillo Jr. says, “I will never stop working with the best tobaccos and bringing new and innovative blends to you.” The Pledge Prequel is our boldest expression in a cigar and is full of rich complex flavors. This zesty, spicy, and woody cigar tantalizes the smoker’s palate. This cigar is left with a lasting creamy finish and a rich, aromatic profile that truly delights the senses.  


INCH No. 64  

As the name implies, the INCH No. 64 is an inch thick.  A ring gauge is measured in 1/64th of an inch.  The creation of INCH is meant to honor the gauge. Born Big, the INCH Series of Cigars are designed by the master to always be large and captivating. Ernesto says, “the ability to have more tobacco in large ring gauges allows me to create a truly unique blend.” INCH Natural is spicy, earthy, and woody with a subtle nutty flavor at the end. INCH Maduro has sweet earthy notes with hints of spice and cedar. These aromatic cigars will leave smokers craving this massive, impactful experience.  


New Wave Connecticut Divinos 

Connecticut wrapped cigars have been here for ages but only Ernesto can take a Connecticut and turn it on its head. The New Wave Connecticut is not a typical, run-of-the-mill cigar. They are designed to be rich and flavorful with a kick of spice. These cigars are highly enjoyable with their rich and complex flavor. Hints of spice and sweetness create a well-balanced cigar.  


Dusk Stout Toro 

Dusk is the time of day that Ernesto likes to sit outside and unwind. The Dusk Stout Toro is a homage to this ritual and a dedication to creating the finest cigars from the master’s hands. Ernesto Perez-Carrillo Jr. says, “As the day unwinds and readies for night, Dusk offers the opportunity to reflect about the day that has happened and the day ahead. This for me is the time I become most creative.” This is a solid, medium-bodied cigar that is rich and full of flavor. Dusk offers an earthy, sweet, woody smoke with an alluring finish.