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Welcome to the E.P. Carrillo 15th Anniversary Series: a blend of history, art, and an unwavering love for cigars.


2024 marks a milestone for E.P. Carrillo, a name synonymous with craftsmanship and passion in the world of cigars. As we embark on this 15th-anniversary journey, we invite you to a series of 15 captivating articles that will unfold throughout the year, each a unique celebration of our heritage, craftsmanship, and the unwavering quest for perfection.

An Intimate Exploration of the Lessons That Have Shaped Us

From the very first blend that ignited the legacy of E.P. Carrillo, to the latest innovations that continue to redefine excellence, our story is one of relentless dedication. This anniversary series is more than a commemoration; it's an intimate exploration of the lessons that have shaped us, the behind-the-scenes magic that drives our creations, and educational insights that connect you, our cherished aficionados, to the heart of our brand.


Lesson Learned, Legacy Earned

Each article in our series will delve into the lessons we've learned over the years. From the challenges of perfecting the blend to the triumphs of international acclaim, these stories aren't just about making cigars; they're about the artistry, the people, and the moments that define E.P. Carrillo. These narratives will reveal how these lessons have manifested into the brand you know and love today, a testament to our commitment to never settle for anything but the best.


Behind the Curtains: The Art of Creation

Ever wondered what goes into making an E.P. Carrillo cigar? We're taking you behind the curtains for a sneak peek into our world. This part of the series will showcase the meticulous process of crafting a cigar, from selecting the finest tobaccos to the skilled hands that roll them into the masterpieces you savor. It's a journey of sensory awakening, where tradition meets innovation.


A Journey of Flavors and Knowledge

For aficionados and newcomers alike, our series promises to be an educational odyssey. We'll explore the nuances of tobacco varieties, the impact of aging and fermentation, and the art of pairing cigars with the perfect beverage. These articles will enhance your appreciation of cigars, turning every puff into an experience of discovery.

Stay Tuned for Unforgettable Connections

This anniversary series is not just about looking back but also forging new connections. As you immerse yourself in our world, we promise a journey that's educational, enlightening, and above all, enjoyable. Each article will be a step deeper into the essence of E.P. Carrillo, leaving you excited for the next.

As we celebrate 15 years of E.P. Carrillo, we're not just celebrating our past; we're toasting to the future and the endless possibilities it holds. Join us in this remarkable journey, and stay tuned for each article drop. Here's to many more years of sharing our passion for cigars with you.