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A cigar designed for you, by you.

Vote For Your Favorite Now

Escapade Sampler

We’ve designed a sampler of three special blends that all have the chance to become our next limited-edition release. We want you to try the blend and vote for your favorite. The most popular blend will be made into a 1,000-box limited edition release in 2024.

Take The Leap.

Escapade is a salute to newcomers ready to leap into their own world of cigars. It's an opportunity for seasoned smokers to pay it forward to the next wave of enthusiasts. Think back to your own beginnings and select a blend you wish had been available to you. For those gearing up to take that leap, we're right here, ready to jump alongside you.

Purple Label

This Was My Favorite

A Cigar For You, By You.

Through several live Zoom sessions, the owners listened to what consumers were seeking in a new cigar. The result is a three-cigar pack designed for fans to try and vote on their favorite blend to go into a limited 2024 production run.

“We took the feedback seriously, stepping outside his usual blending methods to create a cigar suitable for beginners yet complex enough for seasoned smokers.” – Ernesto Perez-Carrillo

First Glimpse